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Chronic nostalgia

keys and vices


Keys And Vices, is an indie rock band that is built on powerful vocals, intimate songwriting, and dynamic melodies. Drawing from sporadic influences such as Foo Fighters to Alabama Shakes, and Jeff Buckley to Elton John, the songs tour through diverse musical genres.

The backbone of Keys And Vices, Jennifer Valdez, is a brilliant and ambitious musician, singer/songwriter. Jennifer’s ability to evoke genuine emotion through her music and lyrics, take the listener on a storybook bender, sans the reading glasses. With the eclectic sounds and raw energy of Kevin McCarty on bass, and the effortless offbeat meets hard rock drum styling of Kristopher Ayala, these exceptionally talented musicians have merged 3 different musical backgrounds to create one captivating band.

When asked “what does ‘Keys And Vices’ mean?”
Jennifer Valdez answers, “the passion to create what you love, should above all, outweigh the compulsion to drown in vices.”


Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Lyrics / Jennifer Valdez
Bass / Kevin McCarty
Drums / Kris Ayala


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Chronic Nostalgia

by Keys And Vices

“Chronic Nostalgia” is available on all music distribution sites such as iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, iHeartRadio

keys and vices


“One thing that distinguishes Keys and Vices from typical indie rock bands is the quality of the singing. Most indie groups tend to substitute creativity and artful authenticity for whatever they may be lacking in technical ability. It’s a tradeoff a certain type of listener accepts. However, in the case of Sacramento based outfit, Keys and Vice, Jennifer Valdez (the group’s frontperson,) has a better voice and is more talented than most millionaire pop stars, many of whom are known only for the their vocals (and sometimes looks.) In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that the vocals on Keys and Vices’ new album Chronic Nostalgia are among best of any I’ve ever reviewed in any genre.

There’s plenty of musical variety in Chronic Nostalgia. The instrumental backing music is distinct in every track (piano driven, guitar driven, synth driven etc.) Some tracks are danceably upbeat and groovin’ while others like Box of Keys and Ghost Love are touchingly haunting. All are consistently and passionately performed though, in a manner which convincingly conveys the genuine emotions behind the words.”

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“Keys and Vices are a band whose music rock and alternative fans will want to spend a fair bit of time with. Fortunately, the album Chronic Nostalgia blesses you with precisely that opportunity – and never does it disappoint.

The band pour through as passionately connected to every song they write. Each piece is structurally unique, creatively expressive, emotionally loaded, and conceptually appealing in a deeply human manner. At the same time, this playlist is perfect for cranking up the volume and losing yourself for a while. The title fits the mood, nostalgia and freshness intertwine impressively – building before you an absolute must for 2019 and beyond.

The songwriting and the vocals across this project are out of this world. Jennifer Valdez seems born to do this in the way that so many of the greats were. This album is a testament to the future of rock, and to heartfelt artistry as a means for making real music that connects and hits with impact.”

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Unsigned Spotlight: Keys And Vices

"What do you do to prepare for a show? Any flexing, exercises, etc”

Jennifer Valdez: “I’ve had the same pre-show ritual for 10 years! A little background: I’m a fan of the Rocky movies, and I’ve always felt like an underdog myself. Offstage I’m not super confident, I’m a 5’0 girl, lots of energy but not the “red dress at the bar” type. Most of the time before a rock show I get the look of ‘what are you gonna sound like?’. A few times in my early performance years, when I was loading our equipment in from the side of clubs the bouncer would stop me and say ‘girlfriends through the front’ (of course my bandmate brothers would immediately give that guy a hard time). Like Rocky, the moment I get on stage (the ring) I’m a different person. I have all the confidence in the world because I know this is my home and where I can win! So before a show, I go somewhere where I can be alone, I do some light shadow boxing to get my energy up (hey, I took some boxing classes, I know how it works), and then I finish by putting my fist up in the air like Rocky and say outloud to myself, ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’.” 



CLICK HERE to watch our new lyric music video for the song “How Do I”, off our album “Chronic Nostalgia”!

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Thanks for checking our website! We’re prepping for the release of our first album, “Chronic Nostalgia”. Our album release show will be on Friday, March 15th in Sacramento, CA at Old Ironsides - don’t miss it!

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